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united to beat malaria leadership summit 2024


Written by: Alexa Dominiqiue Pascual

As a college ambassador for United to Beat Malaria, UN Foundation I got to meet with youths from across the country to find different ways to prevent malaria from occurring. I was able to share my insights about the importance of women's health, the protection of women and girls worldwide and domestically when it comes to the disease of malaria and the importance of all women having access to healthcare. I was able to also give a short speech sharing my insights about youth empowerment, reproductive health, women's health and the importance of the improvement of our health system. I was also able to share my experience as a youth delegate in UN summits, on what I learned from my counterparts about the importance of women's rights and the importance of having access to a better health system. There are citizens from Africa and the Global South, who do not have access to the Doctor or to find a cure for malaria. This increases the chances of death, according to the "World Health Organization" There were approximately 249 million cases of malaria worldwide in 2022, causing 608,000 deaths, most of which are pregnant women. That is why resources for women have to improve because women are highly vulnerable when it comes to this disease. I was able to share this idea, with all advocates and congressional offices, domestically there has been an increase of women not receiving proper health care because of the cost. This also increases the chances of women being affected by malaria and suffering the consequences of it. 

That is why as youth advocates it is our job to raise awareness about the importance of global health advocacy. In this way, we could empower more youths to speak up and be involved in creating a change. During the summit, not only was I able to contribute to sharing my insights but I was able to meet like-minded delegates. We were able to collaborate with our NGOs and develop new ideas about the security of our citizens in health and human rights. 


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