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Anastasia is the founder of "Radiate Life" which is an organization that supports Ukrainians who are survivors of the war. She specializes in women's rights and human rights. 

Interview with the founder of "radiate life" anastasia dieieva. 

By Alexa Dominique Pascual


Anastasia is a women's rights and human rights activist from Ukraine. She founded the organization "Radiate Life'' which is an organization that supports survivors from the crisis in Ukraine. They specialize in advocating for equal employment, support for women and girls, rebuilding Ukraine's infrastructure, nutrition and support for families that need assistance. In order to improve gender equality and female leadership in our world, then organizations that support progressive values should continue to grow. An example is , Radiate Life because of this organization Ukrainians who need assistance began to feel empowered and they began to feel what it is like to receive justice. The importance of developing our communities by establishing organizations and mentoring for women is a must for inequality to be prevented. The war in Ukraine just escalated unemployment, violence and poverty. That is why it is important to continue assisting survivors and support them as much as possible. The crisis in Ukraine symbolizes the dangers of conflict and the ambition of the Kremlin. Russian aggression towards Ukraine has to be prevented in order for all citizens to be safe from harm. Women, men and children have been killed because of this conflict, that is why the alliance should continue supporting Ukrainians in this time of crisis. Anastasia also talked about the importance of advocating with action and to be on the ground in times of helping people. She led support groups and seminars to motivate people and the youth, this also encouraged the youth to speak up and have their opinions be heard. She also emphasized that no one is alone in this battle for human rights, and that there are always support groups and advocacy groups who are there to help survivors. Radiate Life also showcases support for women who have ambitions to be in politics or to be a leader in any field they choose. The importance of having women in the decision making table is a must in order for our society to prosper. The proper representation of each demographic and each community has to be properly represented at the decision making table. In order for innovative policies to be made, then everyone has to have a voice at the decision making table. The modernization of our society could be a challenge to accomplish, it will take time indeed but to continue our work of advocating could create change little by little. 

The reality of the scenario would not be perfect overnight, but change will most likely happen as long as we keep working towards progression. There are countries that are facing a crisis and who have bombs falling out of the sky. Children's lives are in constant danger in Ukraine, it is important to prevent misinformation about this scenario. There are people who do not see the essence of supporting survivors, but in reality Ukraine is at war and is suffering from major catastrophe because of Russian aggression. This war has to stop in order to have peace and prosperity. It is easier said than done, conflict is an ongoing scenario this world is facing. That is why it is important for the alliance to continue funds for humanitarian aid and the delivery of weapons to Ukraine. So that Ukrainians can defend themselves, the same goes with other countries that are facing the same crisis. The continuous support for survivors is a must in order for each citizen to receive justice. Any conflict that is happening worldwide has to be prevented because innocent people are suffering. We must continue advocating and supporting organizations that deliver progressive values. Women's rights are human rights and everyone deserves to live in a peaceful society. Again, more work needs to be done however there are issues that can not be prevented in the field of international relations. But, that does not mean that people should give up in fighting for human rights. It should motivate us to develop more solutions to build a more progressive world.

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