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Delegate and speaker for the NATO Youth Summit 2023 Washington DC-


I represented American youth and the U.S. branch of the Hallmark International Youth Club at a summit where we discussed various critical topics. These topics included youth relations, security, women's rights, and humanitarian aid. I spoke on a panel with the U.S. Department of State,  former Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, Beth Jones and The Department of Homeland Security and National Security Council Official, Russell Travers. My focus was on the impact of diplomacy on our daily lives and how it affects everyone, not just those in diplomatic fields. I also stressed the importance of diversity and multiculturalism in preventing conflicts. I also talked about the prevention of gender based violence in Ukraine and my time as a youth delegate for The World Bank. I also had the chance to tell my story about my transition from a dancer to a women’s rights and youth advocate.


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 To watch the full discussion The Everyday Practice of Democracy | 2023 NATO Youth Summit

Delegate for The World Bank Youth Summit


I was a delegate for The World Bank Youth Summit. I represented Hallmark USA the US branch of Hallmark International Youth Club  and American youth. I was able to negotiate policy with my international counterparts on how to better women’s empowerment worldwide and what The World Bank and our governments can do to fund more women’s rights organizations. I also got the opportunity to talk about the importance of bettering the access for education for all youths, and to build more programs for a free education system. I also took part in discussions involving conflict and violence, and how our nations can help vulnerable countries and how we can increase military support.


Delegate for the UNGA (The United Nations General Assembly) - 


I was a delegate for MGCY and UNA-USA at the "UN General Assembly" where I got to interact with other youth delegates from around the world about the importance of human rights and on improving the SDG Agenda. I also got to take part in discussions with UN Officials and Foreign Ministers about the importance of youth involvement in preventing climate change, the improvement of human rights, peace and justice and infrastructure. 


Speaker at the “International Youth Conference”-


I had a panel discussion with other young leaders about the importance of human rights and the improvement of the SDG Agenda. The conference was a UNGA side event that highlights the importance of youth leadership.


Link to discussion:


Delegate for the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development at the United Nations -


I was a youth delegate for the HLPF Summit and the Global Climate and SDG Conference. I got the chance to collaborate and negotiate with international advocates on the importance of increasing resources for women’s rights, climate finance and climate education. I also got to take part in meetings with International Ministers , UN Officials and Scholars on policy development for  the UNGA and the SDG agenda. 


In Network: National Security Academy-

Program Coordinator & Head Youth Advisor, In Network: National Security Academy (Globally recognized program)


-I am the program coordinator  and I advise the Office of Countering Violent Extremism Director at the US Department of State, Dexter Ingram. In the program I get the opportunity to advise officials from the US Department of State on youth issues, foreign policy, human rights, climate security, and climate change. 


-As the head youth advisor, I coordinate with my fellow advisors in gathering information from young advocates from my assigned region, Europe about what affects the youth in human rights and women’s rights. I use the insights I learned from advocates to advise the director on youth issues, national security  and human rights.  It's been a great learning experience, deepening my understanding of policy formulation and global affairs.


Ambassador for the "United To Beat Malaria" UN Foundation Campaign

​-As a college ambassador representing Indiana University , The United States and New York City. My task is to empower the youth to advocate about the improvement of our health system and to prevent malaria from spreading across the US and the world. I coordinate with United To Beat Malaria and UN Foundation staffers to create policy on finding different ways to prevent the spread of malaria. I am also tasked to coordinate with Members Of Congress in to finding different solutions to amplify youth voices all accross the State of New York and in my district the 12th district of New York. I also aim to bring in more female voices at the field of politics and advocacy. In my time as an ambassador, I was also able to coordinate with Girl Up staffers to develop policy to amplify female voices all across the US and the world. I also coordinate with my international counterparts to find different solutions to prevent malaria from spreading internationally and to increase female voices at the field of diplomacy. I also did a report where I was able to share how my international counterparts are doing in terms of their countries health system, politics, foreign policy and leadership, and how American youth could collaborate with youths worldwide.


United Nations Association of the United States of America “Press Corps” member- 

As a press corps member of UNA USA my task is to promote the importance of youth empowerment on social media and to coordinate with the communications team of the UN Foundation. All throughout UN Summits our task is to spread awareness in social media about youth leadership and diplomacy. I am also tasked to improve communication about international relations and to educate the youth about the importance of foreign affairs. During GES I also got to speak with the UN Spokesperson about issues that affect the youth in terms of misinformation, human rights and foreign policy. I also got to share our insights on how we can empower youth to be in journalism and leadership.


UN MGCY (Major Group for Children and Youth)


-Facilitator for the breakout room, for the “Youth and Global Governance” consultation. In this session, we were able to draft MGCY’s policy paper for “The Summit of the Future”. 


-Selection Committee

Girl Security-


Upcoming  mentee for “Girl Security”. I  got selected for the Winter semester, where I will be mentored by  policy makers from the US government who are  at the field of national security and counterterrorism. I will also get the chance to get support to be the representation of women, at this male-dominated field. 


United Nations Association of The United States of America-


Delegate for the "Global Engagement Summit" 

-I was able to negotiate with my youth counterparts and UN officials on how to better enhance the feminist foreign policy. I also took part in discussions on how we can contribute to international security and what our countries can do to support nations that are in crisis in terms of humanitarian aid, military and economic development. I was also able to take part in discussions on what we can do as an alliance to help Ukraine. 


United Nations Association of The United States of America


-Delegate at the UNA-USA Leadership Summit, Washington DC June 4 2023.

I will be participating with other young leaders from UNA-USA in the leadership summit, where we will be lobbying U.S. Congress about different policies, from women’s rights, climate change, economy and finance. 

Hallmark International Youth Club

-Youth Member

-Facilitator for the HIYC Leadership and International Development 


  • I was able to participate and discuss different issues on the struggles of development  in different countries. 

  • I was able to coordinate and share like minded ideas with other youths from around the world, on how to improve foreign policy. 

  • Delegate for the “World Bank Youth Summit”at May,25, 2023  with Hallmark USA (our US branch) I will have the opportunity to collaborate and share like minded ideas with youth from around the world, on how to improve each nation’s foreign policy and development. 

  • Delegate for the “Noble Prize Summit” 2023


Youth Delegate for LCOY 2023 at Washington DC- 


At the Local Conference of Youth which will be managed by “YOUNGO” (Youth and Children’s Constituency to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) I  will be able to participate in policy discussions with other young advocates from around the country, about the prevention of climate change. We will also be making policy reccomendations to the US delegation to COP 28 and the Biden-Harris administration. We will also be correlating policies on human rights with policies on climate change, in order to improve climate education across the United States for all Americans. 


The Atlantic Forum NATO- Political Writer for Foreign Affairs and International Security 


-The Atlantic Forum seeks to educate and promote cooperation among youth in NATO Allied countries and EU Member countries. In an effort to create responsible future leaders who understand foreign policy and are committed to the values of the North Atlantic Treaty and the Euro-Atlantic Community at large.


-I wrote the article “Is China a threat to NATO?” (2022)


I talked about

-The alliance between Russia and China

-Disinformation in the Chinese government

- How China spreads disinformation to the west.

- How China is a threat to our national security and economic well being.

- EU trade relations with China.

-How we can prevent China from winning over the west


United Nations Association in Canada- Youth Member


COP  15


-I helped out all journalists and reporters in COP 15 Biodiversity Conference  including CBC News, Radio Canada, The Guardian, BBC, CTV News, China Global TV, La Presse, Toronto Star  etc. I assisted journalists  in press conferences when  International Environment Ministers and dignitaries were speaking. 


  • I was part of the “Bilateral meeting” team. I assisted International Environment Ministers and Dignitaries all throughout their meetings at the conference. 

-I contributed to taking part in this Bilateral meeting event by accommodating International Environment Ministers on what they needed for the day. 


Digital Equity Program (Youth Mentor)


As a youth mentor I wrote the article "The Political Struggle of Afghan Women: An Ongoing Struggle. This article focuses on why gender equality is important and how it can improve a nation's economy. This article also educates the youth via social media on what is happening in other countries. My goal is to spread awareness of the importance of women's empowerment. To help empower the next generation and to help create future leaders.




Plastic Free Fridays (Under the Center of International Environment Law) - Social Media Advocate


Young Professionals For Foreign Policy- Youth Member


Voice In Sport- Women Empowerment Activist 


-I collaborated with female athletes from around the world to preach about women empowerment internationally and locally.


-I share how we handle women’s rights in North America and how our allies can adopt this strategy in their own country. 


  • Advocate via social media to bring awareness to the youth.

  • I participate in meetings and seminars about how we can increase women’s rights in our government and the artistic and athletic industry.

  • Wrote the article “Women Empowerment in sports and arts.”

  • Wrote the article “Title IX the Federal Civil Rights Law of The United States of America. How Can This Benefit The American Feminist Foreign Policy?”


Link :

non-politics extracurricular activities

Montreal Completement Cirque  |  Contortion Aerialist​

St. John's International CircusFest  |  Contortion Aerialist

Cirquantique Montreal  |  Contortion Aerialist

Le Nouvel An Chinois s'en vient à grands pas in "Place Des Arts" | Contortionist

Chinese Foundation Gala |  Contortionist

Chinese Orchid Ball YCPA for Asian Heritage Month    |  Contortion Dancer

Hit The Floor National Dance Competition | Dancer

Reprezent Dance Competition Evenements Prima Danse | Dancer

I DANCE Competitor | Dancer

Women Empowerment Dance Project | Contortion Dancer

Featured in "Le Droit" newspaper and nominated for "Antoine- Desilets Awards in Daily Life Category" for contortion and dance. With photographer Patrick Woodbury.

Fresque Grotesque- STUDIOTELUS. Une production Grand Theatre De Quebec.

| Contortionist

Member of The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists  "ACTRA" Toronto | Actress and Dancer

Asian Festival “ L’ete tous de les festivals” (2022)


La semaine des 4 Julie- Noovo

Breakfast Television Toronto- City TV

Masked Singer Canada - TVA

      Dance Competitions (2020-2021)


                  IDANCE Dance Competition- Best technique Acrobatic Dance Category


                      Reprezent Dance Competition Événements Prima Dance- Dancer


                               Hit the Floor Dance Competition- Dancer (Acro Dance)


                             The View Dance Competition - High Gold (Acro Dance)



American University (Upcoming Fall 2024)- Master of Arts in International Affairs: Global Governance, Politics and Security 

Indiana University Online - B.S. Political Science and Government

Marymount Manhattan College-  International Relations , Theatre , Dance  and Acting

Special Skills

Acrobatics​, Acting​, Dance​, Creative Writing​, Singing​, Song Writing​, Public Speaking

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