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UNA-USA Press Corps with the UN Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric

Global Engagement summit 2024

By: Alexa Dominique Pascual


This week I attended the "Global Engagement Summit" which was hosted by UNA-USA at the United Nations. I was able to meet advocates from across the country and the world, and we were able to brainstorm ideas to find different ways to create a progressive society. I was able to see my counterparts from other summits like The World Bank, NATO, UNGA and the UN High-Level Political Forum. We talked about the importance of youth involvement in leadership, foreign policy, human rights and the prevention of climate change. We also talked about the prevention of Russian aggression and the continuous support for Ukraine in these devastating times. I had the opportunity, to discuss with Mariia Parkhomenko who is an Intake Coordinator, Ukrainian Response of "Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York". She migrated to the United States to flee from the ongoing conflict, and now she is currently advocating for the freedom of the Ukrainian people. We talked about the importance of safeguarding women worldwide who are living in countries that are facing crises. We also discussed the importance of improving the feminist foreign policy, to prevent gender-based violence and the prevention of discrimination between genders. I also got to advocate for the prevention of malaria and the prevention of climate change. I got to brainstorm ideas with my fellow advocates, on how to prevent the climate crisis from escalating. Alongside our NGO we were able to collaborate on how we can enhance our advocacy not only for the UN but also for our communities when it comes to the topic of human rights and the prevention of climate change. I was also able to represent "In Network: National Security Academy" which is an NGO established by the Director of the US Department of State. The team and I got to advocate on the importance of increasing female participation in the field of diplomacy and national security. We were able to raise awareness about the importance of being aware of topics about national security and foreign affairs. In this way, conflict will be less likely not to happen domestically, not only that but people will also be aware of different cultures. This will prevent the increase of misinformation about different cultures and this will make diversity come about. That is what is important about foreign policy and the establishment of peace and security, for the world to unite and for peace to occur. Because sometimes, conflict starts with misunderstandings and misinformation, with more people being aware about international relations then the right information would be delivered. 


Not only were we able to discuss with other advocates on causes we are passionate about, but we also got to watch speakers, diplomats and ambassadors in their speeches about international law, youth involvement and human rights. I also got the opportunity to be selected by the United Nations Association of the United States of America, to be part of their "Press Corps" team, where we got to observe press briefings and speak to the UN Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric. I was able to brief him on what affects the youth in terms of human rights and misinformation, and we were able to discuss the importance of youth involvement in foreign policy and journalism. As a press corps member, we are in constant communication with the UN Foundation team for social media advocacy, journalism and digital equity, on topics in women's rights, global affairs and climate change. 

We had a great discussion today with the Spokesperson of the United Nations. We learned a lot about the importance of ethics journalism and foreign relations.

Left to right: 12th UNA-USA Youth Observer to the UN Ose Ehianeta Arheghan, Oreoluwa Ladoja, Stephane Dujarric, Alexa Dominique Pascual, Divine Mbaya, Maria Amalla, Kate Mallory and Jarrett James Lash.

We had a good conversation with our Ukrainian counterpart Mariia Parkhomenko about the prevention of Russian aggression and the continuous support for Ukraine in these difficult times. We also talked about the importance of youth empowerment and the improvement of the protection of women worldwide.

Left to right: Amy Fulton, Alexa Dominique Pascual, Ilinca Drondoe and David Nunez

Left to right: Amy Fulton, Alexa Dominique Pascual, Jace Nath and Cassian Pena

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