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Being a delegate for The World Bank made me learn about different cultures and the government structure in other countries. I was able to develop and present solutions on how to enhance women's empowerment organizations and the importance of having a free education system in developing countries. I also emphasized the importance of increasing support for military and defence in countries that are in crisis, such as Afghanistan and Ukraine. By doing so, I was able to share ideas with my fellow youth counterparts on how our governments can address this crisis. I was able to defend about the importance of our diplomatic relationship between countries, and what The World Bank can do to support and fund more gender equality policies so that citizens living in developing countries can get the resources to human rights and can fully gain justice if they experience discrimination and violence.  Also, I was able to create more ideas on ways on how us youths can develop agenda on the humanitarian aid system. I do understand that not all countries support ideas from foreign nations, but it is the only way for their nation to prosper and to fully develop. That is why we the youth, the next generation will keep the alliance strong and developed for our governments and the World Bank to prevent crisis from happening. In the Summit we were able to work together to develop solutions on how to prevent poverty from rising. We also found the main cause of it mostly it comes to the lack of funding, the lack of education and the lack of policy development. Having a free education system in developing countries will most likely increase employment, because if citizens are educated  then they will get employed. That means economic development will slowly improve. As a youth delegate the continuation of advocating and developing new policies within summits is essential so that officials will get new ideas on different ways on how to address such crisis. That is why, the increase of support of humanitarian aid is a must in every nation, to save lives and to let citizens know that there is still hope for a better future. Governments from Sudan, Afghanistan, Congo, Iraq and Angola have been undergoing a corrupt system in their government. Government officials have been abusing their citizens, and even went far as to sexually assaulting women in their community. An example in Sudan, where military officials have been sexually assaulting women and even killing children. The Afghan and Sudanese government should prevent this issue, but since the Sudanese government is  engrossed in war and conflict between officials,  for Afghanistan they have already fully developed a Taliban government which makes diplomatic relations  a challenge to implement. Also, the cooperation between citizens and government officials have been an ongoing struggle because of the country's authoritarian rule. This makes it harder for citizens to be well aware of what is happening within their government, for them to have the ability to speak out on these matters. Without citizen and government cooperation then progress will be a challenge to achieve.  The development of any agenda will have to be made with full cooperation amongst the alliance,  furthering peace talks  and enhancing the agenda of having more refugees will be an essential project at this point. So that citizens from high risk nations, will have the ability to live in the EU or North America for them to experience on what it is like to live in a free society. These citizens deserve the rights that we have, they are human too and they are mothers and sisters, that is why it is their right to also experience on what it is like to live in a democratic society. No one deserves such brutal treatment, especially as a woman. Women are made to be equal to men, we deserve the same rights as men. It is never too late to develop change in our world today, as long as we keep advocating and educating youths about worldwide issues then nothing is impossible to build a better future and a better world. 

Written by: Alexa Dominique Pascual


As part of the World Bank Youth Summit, It was great to have a productive meeting with the International Monetary Fund at the The World Bank. We got the opportunity to learn from officials on what it is like to work in the international economics and development field. It was great to learn from these officials, and I learned so much on how I can bring economics to my diplomatic career. We also got to share our ideas on how to better development and human rights in places that are in crisis. We also got to share different solutions on how to fund more development organizations to better each nations development strategies.
My international youth counterparts and I also learned on what we can do to create a positive change in our world, through economic development.

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