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"Everyday diplomacy" panel discussion at the nato youth summit

The Everyday Practice of Democracy
Moderator: Professor Teresa Longo, Senior International Officer, William & Mary
The Honorable Elizabeth Jones, Former Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, U.S. Department of State
Alexa Dominique Pascual, Women’s Empowerment Activist and Young Advocate
The Honorable Russell E. Travers ‘78, Senior Advisor, Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Department of Homeland Security; former Acting and Deputy Director, National Counterterrorism Center; and former Deputy Director of Homeland Security, National Security Council

At the High level political forum at the united nations headquarters.I got the chance to meet fellow young advocates from around the world. to develop new solutions for the sdg agenda and to increase awareness about women's rights and climate change. 


It's a great opportunity to be part of the UNA-USA press corps delegation at the UN! And representing In Network: National Security Academy. We are looking forward to creating a more sustainable world by empowering the youth to be involved in foreign policy. We also got the opportunity to discuss with the UN Spokesperson about the importance of youth involvement in journalism and foreign policy. As a press corps member of UNA USA my task is to promote the importance of youth empowerment on social media and to coordinate with the communications team of the UN Foundation. All throughout UN Summits our task is to spread awareness in social media about youth leadership and diplomacy. I am also tasked to improve communication about international relations and to educate the youth about the importance of foreign affairs. During GES I also got to speak with the UN Spokesperson about issues that affect the youth in terms of misinformation, human rights and foreign policy. I also got to share our insights on how we can empower youth to be in journalism and leadership.


It is such a great opportunity to be one of your ambassadors representing New York and Indiana University (Online) for the campaign “United To Beat Malaria” which is organized by the UN Foundation. Join me and the team to prevent malaria, because as you guys  know malaria has been giving negative effects to our health. We should continue advocating about the prevention of malaria to develop solutions on different ways to prevent this issue. My fellow advocates and I from across the US, are developing solutions with our members of congress to prevent the spread of this disease. Thank you so much UN Foundation for this great opportunity. 

Ahead of the UNGA I am here to brief congress with the United to Beat Malaria campaign and United Nations Foundation ! Lets go team New York! I am looking forward to discuss the US foreign policy and domestic policy about different solutions to prevent malaria.

On behalf of @BeatMalaria, I would like to thank  the office of Jerry Nadler for meeting with us today and for Congress’s continued support of @PMIGov and The Global Fund, we can be the generation to 
#BeatMalaria for good!

With Senator Jack Reed’s office we were able to talk about the dangers of malaria when it comes to our military. According to the Department of Defense, one of the main factors that is affecting our military is the disease malaria. Especially to our military serving in Africa, there has been concerns of health issues and deaths from our military because of this disease. The team and I gave some policy recommendations to prevent this virus from spreading to safeguard our citizens and the military.

UNGA (United Nations General Assembly)

 Here at the UNGA! I am looking forward in collaborating and negotiating with other young advocates about women’s rights,diversity and the prevention of climate change. I am looking forward to talk to officials and activists on different ways we can improve our countries policies and the SDG agenda. Tomorrow we have the chance to listen to world leaders and officials in their speeches and take part in collaborations and discussions.


Day 2 at the UNGA! We are looking forward to continue to negotiate on the improvement of the SDG agenda, climate change and human rights agenda! We have a full day of meetings with world leaders and UN offcials about the impovement of foreign policy and international development. It is great to meet other advocates with different points of views in each policy. Little by little we can continue to find different ways to make our world improve, with different perspectives in the table innovative solutions would be made. I have met people with different point of views when it comes to human rights. However, in diplomacy we would always disagree on something but it is not impossible to find common ground. As I advocate about the importance of the freedom to choose as a woman, progress would be made.

I am so delighted to be invited to the thank you event for the UN Youth Envoy Jayathma Wickramanayake with the presence of US Department of State Official US Envoy for Youth @Abby Finkenaur. I am so greatlful to meet other young leaders and aspiring diplomats at the UNGA.

International Youth Conference 

"International Youth Conference" discussion about the importance of human rights and youth leadership. I was able have a discussion alongside other young leaders from around the world. The event is held as a UNGA side event. It is great to interact with other young advocates about the importance of gender equality and human rights. 

I am here today at the United Nations Foundation to talk to the United To Beat Malaria Campaign and Girl Up, United Nations Foundation to find different ways to prevent malaria from spreading and to promote gender equality. I was able to advocate about the importance of safeguarding women and girls around the world and the importance of improving our health system. I was able to share about my experience as a youth delegate and what I learned from my international counterparts. And how our countries could collaborate on discussions. Thank you so much The united nations for this opportunity!


IN Network at the United Nations 


This week we are at the UN with UNA USA to discuss themes regarding national security, human rights, and other important issues. We also had the opportunity to share the mission of IN Network with members of the UN and with our counterparts to spread the importance of reaching the new generation. 

It is great to be a youth advisor for gender policy for "in network" and advise the Director of the Office of Countering Violent Extremism of the U.S. Department of State Dexter Ingram. We had the opportunity to talk about issues that concern the youth in terms of human rights, women's rights, security and climate change. We also were able to learn about the importance of having the youth involved to create a more prosperous society. Thank you so much IN Network: The National Security Academy for helping us in career development for international security and on helping us represent US foreign policy in youth diplomacy.
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I had a great opportunity to connect with youths from all across the United States at the United Nations Association of the United States of America Leadership Summit. We got to create policy recommendations for our Members of Congress , and we also got to develop new solutions on how to make our country a better place for the future generation. I am also super excited to join UNA-USA for the Gender Equality Development Session for the Human Rights Declaration for American Youth. I am really excited to be collaborating with youths from across the US. We will be finding solutions to improve women’s rights across the country, and to improve the human rights domestic and foreign policy of the U.S. It is a great opportunity to be one of the speakers for this event, and to be able to inspire the youth on the importance of female representation at the field of politics and diplomacy.  
It was great to catch up with United Nations Association of the United States of America We discussed on how we the youth can develop the climate change foreign policy and domestic policy of The United States. I got to talk to other young activists from across the country on how to better resources for American youth to learn about the dangers of climate change. I also got to hear concerns from young advocates from rural states on the challenges of resources for climate education and human rights. Thank you so much UNA-USA for this informative discussion.

I had the chance to talk to women from across the U.S. about the challenges of human rights and gender equality. We were able to discuss issues on human trafficking, the prevention of the violation of women’s rights and what we can do to bring more resources for women experiencing sexual abuse. It was great to learn from women from different states, on different ways we can combat gender discrimination. We also developed new ideas on how to improve the human rights foreign policy and domestic policy of the United States. Enhancing this policy, will protect our citizens from inequality and assault. It was great to be the voice of American youth to combat this issue. Thank you 
United Nations Association of the United States of America for this informative discussion.


I am deeply honoured to have been a delegate for the “The World Bank Youth Summit” I got the opportunity to represent Hallmark International Youth Club and The United States of America. I was able to talk about the imprortance of women’s rights and about the importance of female representation in the field of development and foreign relations. It was such a great experience to also collaborate and negotiate with my international counterparts from around the world. We talked about different policies on how we can improve international development and foreign relations worldwide.

My fellow youth delegates and I had a great discussion with the International Monetary Fund at the world bank youth summit, about career development and how economics is related to foreign relations and politics. we also talked about different solutions to create a prosperous environment, and to end poverty in developing countries.

Country Flags

I had a great discussion  with my Ukrainian youth counterpart from the World Bank youth summit Anna Povarnina. We discussed about the importance of women’s empowerment ,  youth advocacy and the benefits o a stronger alliance.


Women Empowerment message on the importance of gender equality and the issues of women's rights in afghanistan and the ongoing partnership of the saudi arabian government and the U.S. government.  for the united nations of Canada "digital equity program" as a youth mentor. 


Hey everyone come watch me ask the first lady of iceland, Eliza Reid. about the importance of youth advocacy and women's rights.


iT IS GREAT TO SERVE AS A Youth Advisor for Gender Policy and Security with focus on Europe and the Middle East. (Foreign Affairs Youth Advisory Team)
In Nework: National Security Academy is an organization established by The Director of the Office of Countring Violent Extermism of the US Department of State. As a youth mentor specializing in Gender policy , European affairs and Middle Eastern affairs, I advise the organization on how to improve gender equality worldwide and to collaborate with organizations in Europe, West Asia and the Middle East. We youth advisors also create reports for the director and the organization to be aware on what concerns the youth in human rights. My goal as a youth mentor is to educate the youth about the importance of women’s empowerment and to improve female representation in the field of national security. Alongside, my fellow youth mentors and the director we plan to bring awareness about the importance of youth leadership and advocacy.

Certificate of completion for the digital equity program as a youth mentor. thIS CERTIFICATE WAS GRANTED BY the united nations association in canada and the government of canada.


I would want to thank United to Beat Malaria United Nations Foundation for this opportunity to share my work as a women’s rights and global health advocate. I got to talk about the importance of women having access to healthcare, equal opportunities for women to get help if affected by malaria , the importance of reproductive health and the importance of empowering youth to participate in advocacy. I also talked about the importance of female leadership and on having more women in politics and diplomacy worldwide. I also got the chance to speak with advocates from across the country about the importance of the improvement of our health system to prevent malaria. We also contributed to policy development for our members of congress.


Voice in sport advocate id

Voice In Sport is an organization that promotes women's empowerment for female athletes, all across the United States and the world. I hope to inspire young women to stand up for themselves and to be the powerful leaders they are. My main goal is to promote gender equality and to normalize having women in male dominated fields.


Come watch me speak with these amazing advocates on April 21 hosted by Shreyaa Venkat. I will be speaking about women’s empowerment and the importance of diversity in the field of foreign policy. Representing American youth, I would get the chance to share my experiences as a woman in advocacy and the importance of climate education for all women. I will also talk about my transition from circus artist to youth advocate. Come join me in this discussion alongside all of these amazing youth advocates and professionals on an informative discussion about international relations and world issues.

meeting with white house deputy assistant to the president for asian american and nhip erika moritsugu

Today I got to have a conversation with the White House Deputy Assistant to the President for Asian American and NHPI Erika Moritsugu. We talked about the importance of women’s representation and Asian representation at the field of diplomacy. As I embark on my next chapter in DC serving my home country the United States, I am happy to begin my advocacy for the American people when it comes to women’s empowerment and diversity. We also got to talk about IN Network: The National Security Academy and our projects on increasing diversity in the diplomatic and intelligence community. As we continue our advocacy for diversity nothing is impossible to create a more sustainable world.

Aerial hoop



My name is Alexa Dominique! I am  an International Security researcher, Youth Delegate for The World Bank and NATO ,Acrobat , Dancer , Women's Rights Activist and Social Media influencer originally from New York City I lived in Montreal, Canada for five years and I am now based in Washington,DC. I have the  passion for Journalism , Politics, Dance and Acrobatics. I was a  delegate for the World Bank Youth Summit, where I represented American youth and Hallmark International Youth Club. I was able to participate in policy recommendations on the prevention of poverty, international security , to improve women's empowerment and to increase support for humanitarian aid. I was also a speaker at the NATO Youth Summit, alongside officials from the US Department of State  and the Department of Homeland Security. I talked about the importance of increasing diversity and female representation at the field of foreign relations. I am also a youth delegate for the UNGA "The United Nations General Assembly" where I represented a youth organization "MGCY". I was able to negotiate policy with foreign ministers, UN officials and other youth delegates about the development of the SDG Agenda.I am a current youth advisor for the organization "IN Network: National Security Academy" which is established by the Director of the Office of Countering Violent Extremism of the US Department of State. In the organization our task is to advise the director on issues that concern the youth. My specialty as a youth advisor is gender policy and European Affairs, where I get to interview youths from across Europe on topics about human rights and foreign policy.   I am currently a mentee for “Girl Security” where I am able to advise policy makers from the US government who are at the field of national security. During the program we have the opportunity to share our ideas and get support in this male-dominated field from  policy advisors and professionals for national security who work for the White House, State Department  the Department of Defense, and any government organization. I am also a student at Indiana University Online majoring in Political Science and Security Studies. I was a student in "Marymount Manhattan College for International Relations. I am an upcoming student at American University (Fall 2024) with a  Master of Arts in International Affairs: Global Governance, Politics and Security. I am  also the ambassador for Indiana University and the 12th Congressional District of New York on the campaign "United To Beat Malaria", which is organized by the UN Foundation. I am  also a youth delegate for LCOY 2023 which will be held in Washington DC. The summit will be organized by "YOUNGO" and UN Climate Change. I am currently a member of the "Atlantic Forum" which is a forum that educates the youth about the policies of NATO. I am also a youth member for "The United Nations Association Of The United States Of America" where I attend leadership summits at the UN Headquarters where I was a delegate for the Global Engagement Summit, I participated in discussions about the crisis in Ukraine, the crisis in the Middle East and West Asia and in discussions on what the alliance is doing to support countries that are in war. I was also a youth delegate for UNA-USA at the leadership summit in Washington DC, where I  engaged with youths from across the United States to better policy in each state. I am also a member of the "United Nations Association in Canada" where she was part of the media team at COP 15 Biodiversity Conference. I assisted Reporters, Journalists and the English media in general. I also assisted International Environment Ministers in their bilateral meetings all throughout the conference. I was also a "Digital Equity Youth Mentor" for UNA-Canada, where I discussed the ongoing situation in Afghanistan and the inequality Afghan women are facing. I am also a member of "Voice in Sport", which is a platform for female athletes and artists to advocate for their cause. I am also a member of "Hallmark International Youth Club" where I discuss with young leaders from across the world on how to better policy in their own country and what we youth delegates can learn from our international counterparts to better international development. I was also a member of the youth circus "Le Petit Cirque" in Los Angeles, and currently trains in La TOHU for acrobatics (Trained by Cirque Du Soleil coaching staff), Academie de Danse de Montreal for dance and House Of Actors for acting. I also have been performing all across North America in commercial and corporate events. I also won best technique at the "IDANCE" Competition in Quebec, under the acro dance category. My aim as an advocate is to inspire the youth to never give up and to always follow your dreams, no matter what, which I bring as my message as an advocate.

Credits: Sacha Bourque





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