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Women Empowerment speech for the united nations of Canada "digital equity program" as a youth mentor. 

The struggle of women's rights in iran. what should we do to address this issue.

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Why I am in Politics


Certificate of completion for the digital equity program as a youth mentor. thIS CERTIFICATE WAS GRANTED BY the united nations association in canada and the government of canada.

Voice in sport advocate id

Voice In Sport is an organization that promotes women's empowerment for female athletes. I hope to inspire young women to stand up for themselves and to be the powerful leaders they are. My main goal is to promote gender equality and to normalize having women in male dominated fields.

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Credits: Sacha Bourque

We want to introduce to you Alexa Dominque! Alexa is an International Security researcher, Youth Delegate for Diplomacy ,Acrobat , Dancer , Women's Rights Activist and Social Media influencer originally from New York City and she is currently living in Montreal, Canada. She has a passion for  Journalism , Politics, Dance and Acrobatics which came from her Rhythmic Gymnastics background, and it has inspired her to bring flexibility and grace into her routines. She was a delegate at the World Bank Youth Summit, where she represented the United States America and Hallmark International Youth Group. She was able to participate in policy recommendations on the prevention of poverty, international security , to improve women's empowerment and to increase support for humanitarian aid.. She is a student at Indiana University Online majoring in Political Science and Security Studies. She was a student in "Marymount Manhattan College for International Relations. She also takes professional acting classes in Montreal.  She also has an interest in Foreign Affairs and International Security. She is currently a member of the "Atlantic Forum" which is a forum that educates the youth about the policies of the NATO. She is a youth delegate for "The World Bank Youth Summit" where she represented Hallmark International Youth Group and The United States of America. She was able to discuss policies regarding women's rights, security and the importance of implementing a free education system. She is also a youth member for "The United Nations Association Of The United States Of America" where she attends leadership summits at the UN Headquarters where she was a delegate for the Global Engagement Summit, where she participated in discussions about the crisis in Ukraine, the crisis in the Middle East and West Asia and in discussions on what the alliance is doing to support countries that are in war. She is also a youth delegate for UNA-USA at the leadership summit in Washington DC, where she will be engaging with youths from across the United States to better policy in each state. She is also a member of the "United Nations Association in Canada" where she will be volunteering in COP 15 Biodiversity Conference. She assisted Reporters, Journalists and the English media in general. She also assisted International Environment Ministers in their bilateral meetings all throughout the conference.  She was a also a "Digital Equity Youth Mentor" for UNA-Canada, where she discussed the on going situation in Afghanistan and the inequality Afghan women are facing.   She is also a member of "Voice in Sport", which is a platform for female athletes and artists to advocate about their cause. She is also a member of "Hallmark International Youth Group" where she discusses with youths from across the world on how to better policy in our own country and what we youth delegates can learn from our international counterparts to better international development.  She was a member of the youth circus "Le Petit Cirque" in Los Angeles, and currently trains in La TOHU for acrobatics (Trained by Cirque Du Soleil coaching staff), Academie de Danse de Montreal for dance and House Of Actors for acting. She also has been performing all across North America in commercial and corporate events. She also won best technique at the "IDANCE" Competition in Quebec, under the acro dance category.  Her goal is to be a Political Reporter and hopefully be a White House Correspondent or to become a Diplomat/ Policy analyst/advisor for foreign policy and to inspire the youth to never give up and to always follow your dreams, no matter what. She also has a passion for defending women's rights and racial equality, which she brings in her message an activist.





For Public Speaking  and Activism Opportunities 

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