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nato youth summit 2023

The Everyday Practice of Democracy

Moderator: Professor Teresa Longo, Senior International Officer, William & Mary

The Honorable Elizabeth Jones, Former Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, U.S. Department of State

Alexa Dominique Pascual, Women’s Empowerment Activist and Young Advocate

The Honorable Russell E. Travers ‘78, Senior Advisor, Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Department of Homeland Security; former Acting and Deputy Director, National Counterterrorism Center; and former Deputy Director of Homeland Security, National Security Council

Written by: Alexa Dominique Pascual


The NATO Youth Summit was an excellent opportunity to learn from different youths and officials across the alliance. We discussed the importance of diversity, gender equality, the problems of disinformation and the Russian aggression of Ukraine. I got the chance to speak of some of my youth counterparts and develop new ideas on how to strengthen the relationship of our countries. I also got to take part in a panel discussion about everyday diplomacy and how diplomacy affects our daily lives. I shared my story of being a circus performer and dancer and what it taught me to become a better youth advocate. In the artistic world, we get to work with people of different backgrounds and cultures. I learned how to develop a great relationship with my circus colleagues and to handle disagreements by understanding where they are coming from. This helped me in my youth activism, in youth summits, not only am I educated about policy but I show the emphasis on the importance on developing a relationship with my youth counterparts. In that way, it would be easier for them to open up and be comfortable on agreeing to develop solutions. Also, in terms of diversity I emphasized on the importance on working in a diverse community. Because with the proper understanding of ones culture then disagreements and conflict will most likely not occur. War and conflict mostly occur with the improper understanding of one's values. That is why, it is important for us youths to continue advocating about the importance of working in a multi-cultural community.  In terms of women's empowerment, if there will  be more women on the table, policy recommendations may develop because of different ideas. Because women have the combination of being passionate and strong, which creates a balance in the decision making table. Also, most men do not have a proper understanding of what a women needs. By having female representation,  women will be able to speak for themselves instead of someone from the opposite gender do it for them. The importance of diversity and by having people from different backgrounds participate in summits will bring more ideas to the table. In this way, with more creative and innovative ideas we can slowly make a better world. 

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